You Probably Didn’t Need To Know These Sex Facts, But Here They Are Anyway (43 Facts)

Sex is something that everyone does at one point or another in their lives. But, sometimes, there are things that we don’t know about sex – no matter how much of it we have. And, of course, there are some interesting facts we really never needed to know about sex.

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1. If you smoke, you have a weak d*ck.

According to studies, men and women who smoke have slower responses to sex and genital reproduction (i.e.: cumming). But, studies also show that men who quit smoking have stronger, longer-lasting boners.

2. When you’re wasted, the sex isn’t really as good.

People may think that drunk sex is great because you let go of all your inhibitions but in reality, sexual response time isn’t as “strong” when you’re drunk. The alcohol reduces your sexual functions and response time to sexual activity takes way longer when you’re drunk – which isn’t always a good thing.

3. The way women orgasm is specific to increase the chance of pregnancy.

Even if you’re not trying to get pregnant, your body is. When a woman orgasms, her vaginal walls vibrate in such a way that increases the chance of sperm cells reaching eggs to implant and fertilize.

4. Older people have a lot of sex.

According to several medical institutions, men above 70-years-old are experiencing a rise in STI’s and STD’s. As well sexual activity amongst adults 65+ have been reported to have increased over the last several years.

5. The smell is has a lot to do with things.

Studies report that we are more sexually attracted to people who smell good.

6. Female ferrets die if they don’t have sex for a year.


7. Your nose swells up during sex.

Due to the high amounts of blood flow all over your body, your breasts, genitals, and nose swell up.

8. Sperm works wonders on your skin.

Even though you may not like facials (lol) sperm has been known to have anti-aging effects on the skin overall.

9. Orgasms clear up your sinuses.

If you have a cold, try having sex with your SO to clear up your nostrils instead of packing on the medicine. The adrenaline that hits your body when you get off causes your sinuses to become crystal clear.

10. Condoms are made using milk products.

If you’re a vegan and you’re not into using animal products, you may want to steer clear of using any kind of latex condom.