20 Women Spill The Things That Immediately Turn Them On

Everyone has things that turn them on, get them hot and bothered, arouse them. Whether it’s the way someone looks, how they speak, how they carry themselves, etc., etc. – everyone has one thing that drives them completely wild.

Sure, everyone has different tastes in men/women – which means, they also have different tastes in what “gets them going.”

1. iWant12Tacos:

Being out in public and having a man lower his voice and speak dirty things in my ear

2. Eleighlo:

When my boyfriend winks at me, I 100% melt every time. Partly because it’s such a smooth and subtle gesture, and also because it tells me he’s thinking about fucking me, but a wink is all he can give me right now.

3. uhbibleeuhfohb:

 My guy can sometimes sound like a growling beast in bed. And I love it. But now, when I hear him do it during other non sexual activities, I feel the Amazon running between my thighs.

4. sbblue:

My husband has always had a habit of ripping his belt off so it makes a loud snap. He doesn’t realize it and its really just how he pulls it off but it’s sexy af.

5. thehorrorofspoons:

That pelvic v in their muscles…



When they wear shirts, and roll the sleeve up. Ugh.

7. honeybeeMA:

I also love a man who can cook. Fuck yes.

8. notasugarbabybutok:

rumbly, deep voices.

9. neuro_stim:

An intelligent guy going on an impassioned rant about his favorite nerdy topic. Sploosh.

10. MagicNix:

Good grammar and spelling.

11. dynomite1026:

A man in a suit to woman is a woman in lingerie to a man.

12. allisonwonderland00:

Big juicy lips.

13. sunnybunpetunia:

Having a door held open for me or my hand being held down the stairs like in the movies Mmm mmm mmm

14. maybealilhomo:

a man with no belly button lint

15. Thundercat720:

Beards. My brain is immediately like, “Rub that man’s face on your thighs!!!!!!” shivers

16. iwantallthecookies:

Factory nachos

17. sparkles1718:

Watching a guy play acoustic guitar!

18. Hysterria:

A man with rolled sleeves, working on a car.

19. KittyDomoNacionales:

A well tailored suit. Especially if they are confident.

20. valwow187:

when men wear pants that fit and have them at their waist. no sagging and no oversized pants… i love to check out their asses