You Probably Didn’t Need To Know These Sex Facts, But Here They Are Anyway (43 Facts)

26. Vibrators were created for crazy women.

In the 19th century, vibrators were introduced to cure “female hysteria.”

27. You live longer if you have sex more.

According to the British Medical Journal, the more you orgasm, the longer you will live.

28. Condom size matters.

According to several studies, the biggest reason for condom’s breaking is due to the condom being the wrong size. Many men have purchased condoms that are either too big or too small, causing complications and unplanned pregnancies.

29. Sex causes beauty.

According to several studies on women and women’s health, sex can make women’s hair much more healthy and shinier due to the extra estrogen levels produced.

30. Greeks have the most sex out of any nationality.

Surveys have shown that people who are Greek have more sex than any other nationality.