15 Mind-Blowing Sex Facts You’re Going To Be Glad You Learned

Who would have thought there were so many uncanny facts that we didn’t really know about sex right? You would think that with all those tips and tricks you read on magazine articles you would essentially know everything. There is a saying that you tend to learn something new every day. Well, it’s a new day and it’s new stuff we get to learn. There is always someone out there brave enough to actually inquire on subjects we would love to know more about but are too scared to ask, so thanks to a Reddit user called sirferrell we are able to inform ourselves about the many exotic sex facts we never really knew were true.

1. Erft:

If you’re allergic to brazil nuts and have sex with somebody, who just ate some, you might have an allergic reaction. It’s the only sexually transmitted allergic reaction we know of (so far).

For the curious.

2. haelesor:

The Cervix has a cycle where it raises up into the body making it easier/more comfortable to have sex if a woman is at the opposite point on her cycle from her period and lowers down making it harder the closer it is to her period.

3. Tippynut:

Most people have heard the term bukkake from porn. This is actually a Japanese word that means “to pour over’. There’s a delicious Japanese dish traditionally had for breakfast called Tamago Bukkake Gohan’. Which essentially means egg poured over rice.