This Pizza Bikini Is $10,000 & It’s Made Out Of Real Pizza

Summer is officially here and that means it’s bikini season folks. Now, I know all of you are still self conscious about your summer bods that aren’t ready just yet – but don’t worry. Take pride in what yo’ momma gave you and own that sh*t.

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Incase you’re like me – and you want to embrace all of your fat, sloppy and hungry habits – one company made your wildest dreams come true by introducing a pizza bikini.

What’s so special about a bikini that looks like pizza?

Well, it’s not that it looks like pizza, it’s a bikini actually made out of pizza.

Villa Italian Kitchen is introducing the Villa Italian Pizza-Kini and for a small price of $10,000 – you can get your own stylist to create a pizza bikini for you. That’s right – sauce, cheese, dough, more sauce – on your body.

While this sounds delicious and unsanitary, it’s only available until July 5th (Wednesday) so if you have $10,000 sitting around the house and you want to wear your favorite eats, get on it.

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