Instagram Model Claiming She’s ‘Too Good Looking’ To Find Love Gets Trolled Hardcore

An Instagram bikini model has made headlines this week after she claimed on a TV morning talk show that she is “too good looking” to find love. After her stint on television, people online clapped-back at her narcissistic commentary.

Jenna Thompson revealed on the U.K. morning talk show The Morning that she “intimidates nice guys” because of her looks, and is afraid, “I’m too good looking to find love.”

She told the co-hosts of the TV show:

“I seem to attract guys that are only after one thing or people that think they’ll just havea go or have a shot and they seem to just want hook-ups.”

Thompson also said that she’s tried online dating, but it’s a “minefield,” calling back to a time she was seeing a guy who ended up being married IRL.

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Just searching for my “feeling” @bunnynotbonnie ?

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After appearing on the morning show, Thompson had a lot of backlash from people saying she was conceited and narcissistic.

But, after seeing all of the backlashes she received on social media from her interview, Thompson told Daily Mail she does have a lot of people who are supporting her. She also said she’s not going to let anyone change her or spoil her day.

It’s nothing that’s going to spoil my day. I’m going to speak my mind. I’m not going to introvert myself just because people don’t like the way I talk about stuff.

She said that while some say she’s too picky, she happens to be picky for a very specific reason.

People say am I being too picky? Yes I am being picky because I’ve got children. It’s not just my life – so that’s why I’m quite adamant in what I say.

She also said she knew that the commentary would cause some uproar, but she’s okay with it.

I knew it would be controversial. I was mentally prepared there was always going to be backlash, but I don’t read everything or get upset by anything.

I’ve got quite thick skin and have a dark sense of humour. I’m not that easily offended. I don’t know these people personally so I don’t take it personally

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Some people were supportive of Thompson’s message.

When addressing the haters online or people who think she’s “too cocky,” she simply said:

Maybe I come across overly confident, especially for single mums, as you’re in quite a vulnerable position. If people take offence to the fact I don’t feel like that – that’s their problem, not mine.

h/t: Yahoo, Daily Mail