10 Signs You’re Dating The Man You’re Supposed To Marry, Not Just Date

When were out in the dating scene, we tend to say a lot of goodbyes to guys we thought wed have a happily ever after with. But every once in a while, we meet someone we dont have to say goodbye to.

1. He’s not hesitant about making plans.

A guy you date will hit you up once or twice and then never call you again. (Though he will text you saying sup”? five months later thinking youll actually respond.)

But the man you marry isnt that guy. The man you marry is firm with his intentions to see you tomorrow because he wants to turn that tomorrow into the rest of his life.

2. He immediately makes new plans if he can’t make it.

A guy you date has no problem canceling on you last minute. Its not really a big deal for him. But the man you marry? No, he wouldnt dare dream of it.

When he cancels, its ahead of time, with good reason. And if it ever comes down to that, he makes sure to make new plans, which you can bet your a** hell make it to.

3.He doesnt have other women on dial.

A guy you just date has a hearty supply of other girls on his phone. The second youre out of the picture, hes always got his stash to fall back on. The man you marry, though, will put the rest aside for you. Hes putting all his eggs in one basket and knows it.

4. He means it when he holds the door open for you.

A guy you date will act chivalrouswith the hope that he gets the gold at the end of the rainbow A.K.A. you in bed. But the guy you grow old with will continue to open doors for you, even when hes holding a walking stick.

5. Hes not hot and cold.

The man you marry is like hot cocoa on a winters day warm, delicious, and most of all, consistent. Hes a balance, not a blizzard.

6. He makes you want to live forever.

We all get down sometimes and fall into moments of darkness where we feel stuck. But the man you marry will pull you out of trenchesand break the monotony of it all. Hell reinvigorate you with the lust for life you knew you always had. And a guy you just date wontdo that.

7. He wont get off until you get off.

Some guys think that good sex is equivalent to lie down & c*m fast.”? But the guy you marry will make it a point to put you first in all aspects of the life, which includes the one in the bedroom.

8. He embraces commitment.

A guy you just date might be sweet and all, but when it comes down to bigger commitments, hes suddenly squeamish. The guy you marry, though? No, the word girlfriend doesnt scare him. Because whats the word girlfriend when hes got bigger things on his mind, like wifey?

9. Hes the good kinda crazy.

A man you date will show sides of his crazy that are destructive to your relationship. Or hell run away because he has issues”? before he even makes the relationship official, which really means hes batsh*t.

But the man you marry will be the right kinda crazy that complements your crazy. Your levels of weird are soulmates, just as much as you guys are.

10. He wants the same things you want.

Not all guys we date are assholes. Sometimes things just cant progress because the two of you have different outlooks on life or you want different things.

Whether its kids, where you want to live, or howyou want to live, the man you marry will want the same as you so that you can start building the lives youve both dreamed of.

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