21 Memes That’ll Make Any Makeup Junkie Say ‘OMG SAME.’

The beauty industry has been having a huge moment for the past few years. Gone are the days of your mother’s makeup brands, chalky powders, and plain ole neutral eyeshadows. The game is different nowadays; brands are being created out of the blue on Instagram, influencers have replaced traditional editors on PR lists, and beauty retailers are now taking over department stores as the place to be. 2017 is a completely different world for beauty than even just five years ago. It’s wild to watch, especially as a makeup lover. This kind of change also cultivates a beauty community so the more you are exposed to beauty, the more engaged you become. There is a whole new generation of people obsessed with makeup because of new brands like Fenty, KKW Beauty, and Kylie Cosmetics. If you’re a diehard makeup junkie, you’ll totally understand…

1. You’ve spent multiple nights wide awake watching Youtube videos.

2. You won’t buy an item before your favorite blogger reviews it so you wait patiently.

3. Overpacking makeup is your specialty.

4. You’ve bought at least one item because the packaging was too beautiful to pass up.

5. This happens way too often to you.