People Are Contouring Their Vaginas & We Can’t Understand Why

Women love makeup – lets face it – and, there’s nothing wrong with someone wanting to look their best. While contouring has become a new trend and women are trying to “highlight” their faces to glow like the rising sun – some women are contouring other parts of their body besides their cheeks.

Yeah, I’m serious.

A Scandinavian beauty company coined “The Perfect V” offers women a variety of products to take care of their – pikachu.

The company offers everything from washes, to exfoliators and even cream that will “illuminate your vagina.” Yes, again, I’m serious.

Why women would like to contour their hoo-has – I’m not entirely sure. I’m also sure that no man is going to really notice that you contoured your pikachu when you decide to get down and dirty. But, if you want to spend your hard-earned $$$ on some vaginal rejuvenation without going under the knife – look no further.