Crayola Just Launched A New Makeup Collection That’ll Make You Say ‘RIP To My Bank Account’

It’s a well-known fact that coloring and drawing are staples of most people’s childhoods.
And, when you think about coloring and drawing as a child, there’s absolutely no way that Crayola crayons do not come into your mind. The smell, the box (everyone wanted that 64-color box with the sharpener), and breaking your favorite colors after using them too many times. I can still map out the exact smell of Crayola crayons even as someone who’s well into their 20’s.

Now, all of my color-happy, nostalgic, makeup lovers can rejoice because Caryola is launching a brand-new makeup collection that will make you emoji heart-eyes all over the place.

Crayola teamed up with fashion and accessories outlet ASOS to produce an ~exclusive~ makeup line, mimicking a lot of our favorite childhood features–like, the box and the crayons. The makeup line, which is hella affordable for any makeup lover, features an array of products like–


Get them here for $17.50+.

Eyeshadow palettes:

Get it here for $29.00+.


Get them here for $16.00+.

Face Crayons (in our favorite colors!!)

Get them here for $29.00+.

Lip color palettes:

Get them here for $35.00+

Not only is the makeup super affordable–but, it brings us right back to our childhood and allows us to experiment with fun, bright, popping colors (just in time for summer, too). Did I mention they come in actual Crayola boxes?

So far, people online are absolutely loving it.