Basically, Everything You See On Social Media Is A Complete Lie

Goals? Kind of? Maybe?

Everyone is obsessed with social media nowadays. We cannot get through our day without opening one form of social networking app. Whether your drug of choice is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat – we’re all addicted to vicariously living through other people.

Plenty of times, we see things on social media that look absolutely perfect and make us feel super sh*tty about our small, meaningless lives. We sit and wonder “why can’t my life be this perfect?

Well, guess what? Life is not perfect and most of these people’s lives are not perfect. In fact, the majority of “perfect” pictures you see on social media take a lot of time, effort and lies to create.

Don’t believe us? Just watch:







Next time you feel bad about how “perfect” someone else’s lives look – remember, it’s all fake.

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