7 Real Reasons We Want To See All Of Your Selfies

Because having friends in pics is SO 2016.

5. I love your hair, now tell me who does it:

I am a proud selfie poster whenever my hair is done and I always give a shoutout to my main chick who does it. Why? Because – first of all – changing your hair for a girl is like changing up your entire life. The confidence that comes with healthy ends or a fresh shiny blonde shade is comparable to nothing. If you’re a girl who lives for the salon – you know how true this is.

Second, I’m down to promote someone’s work and business. If you’re a girl who lives for the salon – you know how true this is. Selfies have changed the #GlamSquad world – and that’s thanks to people like us who show it off and give credit where it’s due.

6. Tell me where you’re eating. And is that Rosè?

Girl, we all know restaurants have the best evening lighting. It gives that glow to your face and shows off the three-course meal you’re about to devour – and guess what else? I want to be you.

I want to sit there at a dinner table with that cold wine and wind down too with an 8 oz. steak and escargot. So please, show us what bougie place you’re at and give me somewhere to check out next week. You look great when you’re full.

7. And finally, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL:

Feel free to share that fact with the world. You’re not being vain, you’re not harming anyone. You are simply embracing the fact of “holy shit, my natural skin is glowing today” I’m proud of my new skin care routine; or “my make-up is super cute with this outfit I kind of want to show it off.” Ladies, there is literally NOTHING wrong with not hating yourself. More people should be this way.

Now go press share.