This Incredible Story Will Make You Believe In True Love

We’re not trying…you’re crying.

When you think about love and finding your “soulmate,” it can be often times discouraging and complicated. Sometimes, love is so hard that you don’t even want to believe in it at all. But, when you hear stories of people reuniting, finding their special someone or living “happily ever after,” how can you argue that true love doesn’t exist?

This fairytale starts out with Ken Boyer.

Ken Boyer, 60, is living in Palm Bay Florida where he has been suffering from terminally ill cancer. Living alone, he’s had a difficult time with his diagnosis and treatment. While on Facebook one day, he saw a friend request from someone from his past and a message to go with it – from Michelle ‘Shelly’ Kimbrel.

Shelly and Ken had met 20-years-ago when Ken had owned a bar in Missouri. The two had fallen head-over-heals in love with each other. They had dated – living in that blissful, honeymoon stage of their lives. But, their relationship was short-lived and after, Ken had moved to Florida and sold his bar.

Although they had spent years apart, Ken always thought of her as “the one that got away.”

Which is why, he was “shocked,” when he saw her name pop up on his Facebook page. The two spoke for hours.

After exchanging several messages and telling Shelly of his cancer condition and that he was looking after himself, she simply replied:

“No, you are not. I’ll take a leave of absence from work.”

Shelly flew down to Florida on April 19th and hours after their reunion, Ken proposed to his “special one.” The two were married only a few days later.

They plan to move back to Missouri together to seek alternative treatments for Ken’s cancer. After tying the not with his “one true love,” Ken told his friends:

“God could not give me a better present if this is my last hurrah. I could not have asked for anything better.’

While social media can be a real pain in the ass sometimes – it’s also a beautiful, wonderful, magical thing.