The 17 Most Extra Cheating Revenge Posts To Ever Grace The Internet

Thank goodness for Imgur, where an aggregation of perfect images by user youandmeandrainbows began to go viral. Everybody loves a good cheating story because we love to hate bad guys. Everybody loves a good cheating revenge story even more because ultimately, we still love to root for the good guys.

Here are some of the best revenges we’ve seen, courtesy of Imgur as well as someecards. You know, in the event you’re bored or are in need of some serious revenge inspiration.

1. The guy who is so extra he MADE A CARD. You go, guy.

2. The woman who made a fun game out of a decidedly unfun situation:

3. The dude who taped this note under a toilet seat:

4. The woman who made sure her revenge was permanent:

5. The dude who straight up took pictures of his cheating girl and the other man! And then posted them to Facebook!

6. The wife who changed Mike’s Tinder bio to better reflect his personality: