This College Snapchat Just Blasted The Cheating Drama Of The Year

Growing up in today’s digital world seems like hell. If you wear something dumb, do something stupid, or give anyone the slightest reason to troll you all over social media, trust that it will be done.

No mistakes allowed, for they shall live on the Internet forever.

Flashbacks of my outfits in the early oughts flash through my brain. PTSD. What if there was footage of that? What if there were photos and videos of all the dumb things I said and did growing up? Your mistakes splashed all over net, the bigger the mistake, the bigger the steam and speed with which it travels the world.

Which isn’t to say a certain AJ didn’t deserve it. I guess that’s the upside of this new digital world. Exposing frauds, cheaters, Neo-Nazis, etc. etc. 2017! Isn’t it grand?

ANYWAY. Apparently colleges these days have unofficial school Snapchats where students can submit pictures and videos from around campus. Sounds boring, right? Maybe for some schools, but certainly not the Ohio State Buckeyes, whose Snapchat currently narrates a cheating dramedy for the ages!

That’s the advantage of having your most personal everything out in the open. More opportunity to enjoy strangers’ drama. *Rubs hands together* ENJOY.

It all started with this scandalous image:

The Snapchat conversation in the image above showed an exchange between a certain cheatin’ AJ and a ~mystery lady~, an image that sent the entire Buckeye community and then world (yes, world! I am not exaggerating) into a tizzy.

C’MON AJ! Don’t you know the worst thing you can say is “Don’t save the txt plz” ??? Naturally, every AJ was now under suspicion.