22 Of The Stupidest Comments People Have Overheard Around The World

Not everyone is smart. Let’s face it – there are a lot of dumb people in this world. Those who do not use Google, those who do not read books, those who like the Kardashians – you know, really dumb people. When they say ridiculous things, we often times ignore them. But, some sentences have been muttered that we cannot let go unheard by everyone else in the world. So, Reddit gave us some of the dumbest comments they’ve overheard other people say and – there are some real diamonds in this rough.

1. Anonymous:

2. incogneatolady:

My old roomate and I were driving to the store together and she points out an Alaska license plate (weird to see in the Deep South) and I said “damn it must have taken them forever to drive down here!”

And she looks at me with this incredulous face and goes “uhhh incogneatolady you can’t DRIVE here from Alaska”

I said “well I mean it’d be long and there’s mountains and shit but…” and she interrupts me to say “No you literally CANT, it’s a fucking island”

I was speechless.