People Share The Dumbest Statements That Made Them Say ‘Yeah, Good Luck With That…’

I am sure you have all experienced that moment in your life in which you literally just blank out to space when you witness or hear the most brainless statements that leave you just downright speechless. It’s great to have a sense of illusion and hope that things will go exactly how you dream they will but the fact of the matter is that sometimes they’re just not realistic objectives. Sure, you can work for them and heck, maybe you’ll eventually meet them but it’s not as easy as you think or make it seem to other people. We all know the struggle, no need to paint a rainbow and make it reek of roses and daisies. We’ve all managed to hear some of these statements before so enjoy going back in time and remembering just how entertaining you thought it was by reading some by this Reddit thread.


Kids saying they’re going to drop out of high school because so-and-so made it big and they were a high school drop out. Yeah, that person is the rare exception.


People who post how they’re going to have a drama-free year, and goodbye to all the haters.

It always ends with the same dramatic shit by the end of January (at best)


I’m gonna be a rapper