30 People Share The Dumbest Things They’ve Ever Heard People Say And It’s Worse Than You’d Think

Sometimes you hear something overwhelmingly stupid that you have to double take. Is this person serious? What on Earth would make someone say that?  Sometimes absolute stupidity flows from someone’s mouth and we are almost amazed that someone could form these thoughts. Luckily, I ride the train to work almost every day, this is a breeding ground for the dumbest conversations imaginable. Just put your headphone’s in and silently hate your life like everyone else. This is a hotbed for people watching and more or less straight up eavesdropping on some of the dumbest conversations known to man. Recently, more and more insane statements have crossed my ears so I decided to share with you 30 of the dumbest things people have heard and had to share. Hope you enjoy and maybe even save yourself from asking an embarrassing question in the future, like the fine people of Reddit.

1. Super dark, disgusting and twisted mixed with a ton of innocence.

Had a teacher from a school over in high school get busted for “kiddie porn”. Girlfriend and I chat about how awful and fucked up it is, just for her to give a little pause and finally ask “I mean, how do you even get the cats to do it on command like that?”

2. To be completely fair he’s probably not lying.

“I can always tell whether they’re using real dinosaurs or not”

3. Do we have the next Steve Jobs?

“They should make like, an Apple phone”

Said by my 23-year-old college graduate sister after she saw a commercial for a Windows phone

4. Ummm, yeah… about that….

“You ever notice when you smell your belly button it smells like poop” Everyone in the room: WTF NO!

5. God have mercy on this tutor’s soul.

Worked as a tutor in a walk-in math tutoring lab. Two girls came to do homework. One said to the other, “Make sure you turn the heat up in your car after your tanning appointment. It’ll help hold the tan better, like when you bake things.” I then had to help these two girls with math homework for 2 hours. Not fun.