People Reveal The Most Overused Buzzwords And You Probably Say Them All Everyday

Remember when Regina George said we should stop trying to make “fetch” happen because it’s just never going to happen? Yeah, well “fetch” still isn’t happening; along with over a dozen of other words that you probably use on the daily. Thankfully Reddit user MadAngryNutMeg asked the world, “What buzzword do people need to stop using?” The responses were hilarious and words we need to stop trying to make happen…like fetch!

Because nothing in life can actually be that easy.


I am sick of every other article being about “Use this hack to get free flights.” or “20 awesome hacks that will simplify your life.”

Stop it.”

Dr. Oz’s biggest weight loss secret is a bunch of BS.


So much BS surrounding this term”

Odds are the vacation spot is sh*tty and it’s not doing you any good.

“Tourist companies are absolutely obsessed with the word ‘wellness’.

Absolute nightmare to translate something about a wellness area in a wellness zone of the wellness spa. If you don’t feel like that you can always try out their wellness pools in the wellness region of the wellness centre.”

If you think you are a #goal, you probably kinda suck.

“Goals. I absolutely cannot stand #GOALS. Squad goals. Fall goals. Sweater goals.”

BuzzFeed is actually frying our brains!

“Shook/shooketh. Talkin’ bout you, BuzzFeed.”