“Mean Girls” Makeup Brushes Are A Thing & You’re Going To Want Them

When it comes to makeup, every girl knows that there’s nothing more important than having a good set of brushes. But, you not only want to have good quality brushes – but also some cute ones to add to your collection. If you’re looking for something that is “so you,” look no further than Spectrum’s new “Mean Girls” brush collection because, they’re so fetch.


The U.K. makeup brand is known for producing high quality makeup products – such as brushes – so you know you’re getting your monies worth. The brushes will be released on August 30th, and have two different options for purchase. You can get the set with the Mean Girls/Spectrum pouch, including 10 brushes with “individual Mean Girls quotes on each brush,” for £49.99 or, you can splurge and get the brushes and the “Burn Book” bag combined for £79.99.


Sounds like the perfect gift for your makeup obsessed friends. So, mark your calendars ladies – because: