Two Wives Flew Cross Country To Catch Their Cheating Husbands And Another Woman Live-Tweeted It All

There are a lot of times where we will be minding our own business in a public setting and begin eavesdropping on other people’s conversations – we get some juicy details. For example, when we’re in the mall food court (why are you in a mall food court?), the subway station, the grocery store or even the airport, you may overhear some personal conversations and want to hear more. Of course, that’s why we have Twitter – so people can live-tweet and share in the horror of other people’s chaotic lives. Twitter user BJ Colangelo was waiting for her flight at an Ohio airport when she overheard two wives planning to fly cross-country together to ambush their cheating husbands. She proceeded to livetweet the entire conversation. This is not a drill.

Apparently, the women had never met before.

But, one of them is pretty smart.

Thank God for people like you, BJ.

First, it got a bit heartbreaking.