15+ Truths You’ll Relate To If You’re In A Serious Relationship, But Don’t Live Together

When you start dating someone, part of you hopes that it’ll turn into that “big love” that everyone talks about. As you get older, and your relationship gets a bit more serious, you start to spend a lot more time together–which includes staying at each other’s apartments/houses. Of course, you think about the possibility of moving in together, but that’s not going to happen right away. There are certain things that are universally true for a lot of couples who are in serious relationships but not living together yet. I promise you’ll say “same” to every single one.

21. You get offended when your boyfriend says he’s tired and is “just going to fall asleep right away.”

20. You’ve taken one too many drunk Ubers back to their place instead of yours.

19. You end up spending your weekends at your own place, but almost every weekend night at your partner’s.

18. You eventually have your own corner/drawer/section of the closet to keep extra clothes there.

17. But girls always “forget” to bring pajamas so you can sleep in your boyfriend’s big t-shirts and sweatpants.

16. You keep a few pairs of underwear at their apartment, you know, just in case of emergency.

15. After a while, you end up going to a drug store haul to stock up their apartment with your supplies.

14. Their shower now has your brand of shampoo/conditioner/soap. And, an extra razer.

13. You end up buying your partner “presents” that are secretly for you to use while you’re there–like pots and pans.

12. Your Seamless/Postmates account has two “home” addresses.

11. When you’re talking to your friends/parents, you always say you’re on the way “home,” but, they never know which home you’re talking about.

10. You know your partner’s roommates pretty well and, have probably seen them in their underwear by accident.

9. Your keys become extra heavy because you have yours, and your partners, plus your car, and your parents’.

8. You end up being a part-time cleaning lady because sometimes your partner can be gross AF.

7. You buy specific snacks just to keep there.

6. You have no problem going over there even if they’re not home.

5. You always forget where you left your phone/computer charger.

4. There have been moments where you are looking for one piece of clothing and realize you left it at your partner’s apartment–ugh.

3. You always carry around an extra outfit in your bag, just in case you crash there.

2. Your car turns into a second wardrobe.

1. You forget what it’s like to live without them and when you stay home alone, you miss sleeping with them.