26 Pieces Of Dating Advice Everyone Should Follow In Their 20’s And 30’s

When it comes to dating in your 20’s and 30’s, everything seems complicated. Take it from me, a 25-year-old woman who knows that absolutely nothing about dating during this time is easy. You’re constantly worrying that you’re wasting your time with people, hoping you do find someone you can choose to settle down with before turning 30, but, when you find out you’ve wasted about 3-5 years on a gaslighting, manipulative POS, you feel like your biological clock is going “tick, tick, BOOM” inside of your mind. You worry that you’re missing out on your youth and at the same time, you’re worrying that you aren’t spending enough time finding the right person. Yeah, nothing about dating around this time is easy, and we put unnecessary amounts of pressure on ourselves to “live up to this expectation” society has etched into our minds. In reality, things may be a bit easier if we let ourselves enjoy the ride, rather than rush headfirst into something we’re not ready for–but, who knows, I’m still f*cking up my dating life one day at a damn time. That’s why I decided to read through these intelligent and witty responses from 20 and 30-year-old women about their best piece of dating advice everyone should follow at this age.

1. Blackbird6

Never convince yourself that a sucky person doesn’t suck just because you want some affection and/or company.

2. Vishvasher

You can’t convince someone to love you.

If you’re brokenhearted, the thing that heals you is space and time from that person, and filling in the hole they left in your life with other, positive things. Seeking contact with the person who broke your heart is picking at the scab.

3. DontPanic42H2G2

Speak up. If you want something don’t just sit around and wait for it. Go get it!