25 People Confess The Moment They Fell Out of Love With Their Significant Other

Love can be complicated and love can be messy. While we all want to find our “happily ever afters,” it’s true that sometimes in love, nothing lasts forever. The moment you realize that you no longer love the person you are with can be hard, but, when you feel it – it’s something you can’t deny.

1. Finneringasvar

Abusive. He used to get upset about little things and say “maybe I would be better off alone” One day he said it and I didn’t feel the need to convince him otherwise.

2. daveed2001

She had a very hard time keeping other guy’s penises out of her.

3. N3MO_

When everything involving her became a “have” instead of a “want”. Like I used to WANT to make room in my schedule for her, hang out with her, text her back, etc. Eventually it just felt like a requirement to do all of those things since we were in a relationship

4. hippehpanda

My mother was in the hospital, in a coma, the next day we were going to pull the plug on life support. My best friend from work, who my mother had taken under her wing and who was very close to her, came to say her goodbyes with me at the hospital because I wasn’t brave enough to do it alone. We stood there holding each other hands with one hand and my mother’s with the other weeping. Then we went back to my apartment, put my 1 1/2 year old son to bed and ordered my husband a pizza for dinner because I couldn’t bring myself to cook. And we sat out back and we smoked and cried and hugged. When my then husband came home he was cold and curt with my friend until she left and when we got back inside, me still a sniffling ball of mourning he proceeded to yell at me a berate me for not having her gone before he got home because “you know she doesn’t like me why would I want her in my house” he yelled so loud and so long my son woke up. Then when I got the baby back to sleep and I was laying in bed crying he came in and said “do you want me to go down on you, I know it helps you sleep” That was the moment I realized I didn’t love him anymore, and that he didn’t love me either. It took about a year and a half for us to finally split for good, but our marriage had been garbage for its duration. Been two years since the break up and I’ve never once thought I made the wrong choice.

5. Crownowa

I either didn’t want to be intimate with them, or felt like it was a chore.

6. erinwhoooo

Suddenly I didn’t miss them anymore. Suddenly, I didn’t care. I wanted to be with other people, I started getting anxious at the thought that I was living with a person I wasn’t crazy about. The plans of having a life together gave me chills and disgust. I wasn’t happy anymore and I was disgusted by them. Fun times.

7. Azzizzi

When she started finding fault in everything I did no matter how insignificant it was.

8. notwherethewindblows

I thought about him and I felt nothing. No happiness, no hurt, no anger, no nostalgia, no butterflies, no anxiety. Just… nothing. I realized in that moment that if he showed up in front of me, I’d turn around and walk away all over again.

9. tofu29

I was able to look past his faults for most the relationship cause I knew I had my own. Then came a moment where I could not forgive him and knew I no longer loved him. He got angry at me because the dealership I worked at had to adjust his seat when his car was in for a recall. He couldn’t get it back to where he liked it and screamed at me about how it was my fault. The irony of it was he is also a technician and would bitch about customers that act the way he was acting. It took me a week to end things from that night but that night was my wake up call. He was my longest relationship (2 years) and first guy I lived with yet it was the easiest one to leave. I have yet to cry and it’s been 2 months now. I think the falling out of love was gradual I didn’t notice it at first, until that night.

10. Nyxelestia

Less “falling out of love” and more “realizing I was never in love in the first place”, but basically a phone conversation where all my expressions of affection were spoken purely because I didn’t want to hurt my boyfriend’s feelings, not because I actually felt them.

11. _cymru

When I was going through an incredibly rough and stressful time in my life and he did nothing to support me.

12. potatobarn

it was like a light switch went off. he said something nasty about one of my sweetest friends and it was like coming out of the fog. we broke up shortly after and my friends couldn’t have been more relieved. i look back now and can’t believe i missed all his awful qualities for over a year.

13. micatee

When I realized my emotional needs were not being met.

14. paintwhore

When I was counting down the minutes everyday until he left for work.

15. juliadance13

When I realized I was more their mother than their girlfriend.

It was fine when it was just small stuff like how to tip at a restaurant, but it got ridiculous when I had to explain how to act appropriately in public, how to clean dishes, and how to figure out our transport system.

16. DKEH7841

When I realized that I was putting more info the relationship than she was. The straw that broke the camel’s back was she didn’t attend an event that was a major milestone for me. I was already on the fence, but that showed me how little she cared if she was going to skip it for petty reasons.

17. theedjman

When the thought of spending time with her made me roll my eyes and kissing her was just frustrating. That relationship lasted another six months like that.

18. ____DEADPOOL_______

I got married very fast to this girl roughly 15 years ago. Right after the honeymoon was over, she started to want to dominate me in everything in the marriage. I put up with it because I thought she was being immature but around the second month she told me to go suck my dad’s dick and called my sisters whores so that was it for me. I put up with her insanity for another 4 years. Don’t even ask me why. I guess I didn’t want to seem like a quitter with my family and friends.

19. easyluckyfree13

He didn’t have the same compassion and empathy for people that I do. Actually, he really had none at all. He was constantly making fun or saying crude things about people, even strangers. I realized I couldn’t change that about him, and I shouldn’t want to either. I want to be with someone who’s inherently like that.

20. cheesedanish93

The first time I really realized it was one night when I had fallen asleep early. When I woke up, he was in bed next to me asleep with his arm over me, and I realized that the touch I once craved and loved and wanted to hold, now felt constricting. I felt empty and guilty that I was here, in his bed, hating every second of his presence. I realized that every day I pretended to love him, I was lying to him and myself. I broke it off shortly afterwards and I felt terrible for it. But even in my agony I was in the truth, and I wasn’t pretending anymore.

21. ExteriorDrop

When you love the memories more then them

22. Yossi25

When her farts became disgusting instead of cute.

23. kobester1985

When I dreaded going home after work and my day off. It wasn’t so much that I had fallen out of love with her that I just didn’t see the point of being with them when their priorities we’re so messed up. It literally went in this order: gaming friends, whatever game she was playing with them (usually WOW), cigarettes then me. I sometimes ranked higher then cigarettes. Most times not though.

24. WASDnSwiftar

I would get text messages from her and wonder what she needed now. Never was happy she texted. Always thinking “Fuck, what now?” Also last New Year’s Eve my best friend noticed that I was having more fun at the party when she wasn’t near me.


When I caught myself lying when I told him I loved him and that I was excited to see him. I didn’t want to see him. I dreaded seeing him on the weekends. It all hit home when I was house sitting for my dad over Easter, and my boyfriend invited himself over. I cried at the thought of letting him into my dad’s house, at the thought of spending a weekend in the middle of nowhere (that I had been holding out for) with him.

I realised that our values were completely different. He valued his computer and being alone. I valued family and spending time with one another. He would beg me to come and see him on the weekends (2 hour commute), and then sit at his computer playing LoL all weekend only paying attention to me when he wanted sex.

I was feeling emotionally unsupported and when I’d try and communicate, he’d blatantly ignore me or make it a joke. He also wouldn’t listen to me when I told him to stop calling me names and ‘play’ hitting me. But when he was feeling down I had to be the shoulder to cry on and his therapist, which I didn’t mind as long as he returned the favour.

I broke up with him and felt nothing but relief. I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. After about a month and a half of us breaking up, he messaged me demanding to know how I felt about him. I told him to fuck off, that he can’t treat me like shit and then come back into my life and demand things from me.