25 Truly Horrendous Breakup, Sex, And Cheating Stories

3All breakups suck. We all have that one relationship that ended badly, the one we hyperbolically call “the worst breakup ever.” But…reading these 25 stories, I guarantee you’ll be like “wow, turns out my exes weren’t that bad after all!” I am telling you, avoid the following list if you want to retain any faith in relationships or humanity at large. The stories portray the absolute worst and most horrible people there are, at least on this side of Reddit. Trigger warning.

1. She was a little heavier…

I met a girl who was super amazing and nice to me in everyway. We dated for a short time.

I broke up with her because I felt ashamed of myself for having shallow thoughts. She was a little heavier then I was usually ok with. I have a history of self sabotaging behavior and thoughts.


2. She should’ve run for the hills imo 

Left her when she was pregnant with our child and started seeing someone else. It is my biggest regret in life. Luckily I was blessed enough for her to forgive me. She is now my wife of 7 years.


3. Yeah, I’d have retracted my username after this too…

When my girlfriend and I got in an argument she said “stop yelling you’re going to make me cry” and I replied “Good maybe you’ll lose some weight” We didnt last long after that. I felt horrible, especially because she wasnt even chubby. I was just angry as shit

EDIT: This was in my younger years when I was still learning how to be in a relationship, I’ve grown up and had multiple other successful relationships, im not a misogynist.


4. Worst birthday ever.

Broke up with a girl after she had done so much for me, she wanted to move in together and I felt she was just moving way too fast. I hadn’t realized what day it was and it turned out I broke up with her on her birthday.


5. Who needs enemies, right?

Girl was making me wait for a relationship, my impatient self said fuck it and I went for her best friend. Her friend and I fucked not a week after we secretly started seeing each other. Note that all three of us were close friends. She was aware that I liked her, too.



I had been dating this guy for about four months. We went out for dinner one evening, his treat. I was really starting to fall for him by this point. So we’re at dinner and he goes to the washroom. He’s gone for a really long time and I check my phone.

Text message from him: “Bye.”

Just left me, with both our meals which I had to pay for. He drove and so I had to take a taxi home. Don’t know what happened to make him leave but probably for the best.

— /u/nellfromthemovienell

7. THIS is why you gotta marry the right person.

My ex-wife stopped taking birth control without telling me, slept with another man (men?), got pregnant. Since she wasn’t sure whose it, she had a secret abortion. When I started to figure things out, she filed for divorce & claimed I had abused and cheated on her. Then she contacted my son’s mother & conspired with her to take me to court for custody of my son. She then proceeded to show up at the trial (w/her new husband & baby bump) and testify that I was an abusive alcoholic drug fanatic that had everyone fooled. Thankfully, their conspiration failed. She did many mean things during and after our relationship, but this was most definitely the worst.