25 Truly Horrendous Breakup, Sex, And Cheating Stories

19. You definitely win.

Made me get an abortion (which he refused to help me pay for) two days after my birthday. Two days later, he dumped me…in the middle of a three hour car ride …IN FRONT OF MY PARENTS. While I was still bleeding from the procedure. Do I win?


20. Ugh not the Ikea table!?

Walked in on her giving a dude at the bar a handy on her birthday. When confronted later on about the possibility of our relationship not working out, she threw mugs at me, and finally tried hitting me with an ikea end-table. She threatened to beat herself up and blame it on me if I broke up with her, because in her own words “nobody would ever believe a loser like you”.
Whoever says men can’t be abused in relationships are full of shit. This was 2 years ago and I’m still uneasy about trusting women on dates, and haven’t had a relationship last longer than 2 weeks since then.


21. This…is…so…sad…

My ex wife left me in the middle of a long crunch at work. I found out who she left me for, pleaded for her to stop seeing him, and told him to stay away. She told me that she had to see him one more time, because he had promised my son a toy if he was good for a week. I couldnt believe what I was hearing, and I cant believe now that i let her do it. A couple weeks after that, I had a weekend off, and spent the weekend really trying to be attentive and salvage what was left of our marriage. The day I went back to work, I paid our phone bills, and saw that she had been texting with him the entire weekend, and spoke with him on the phone for an hour right after I left for work.

There’s a whole lot more of that, but we wound up getting divorced. Her millionaire parents retained an expensive lawyer for her, and now I support her as she doesnt work, pay all of the legal fees and lawyers, and only get to see my son once every two weeks. I live in a one bedroom apartment, and also pay the rent for a house with a pool that she lives in with my son and her boyfriend. I get to sit here, working late, missing my son, while they see each other everyday, playing family with my money.


22. This is some serious mental manipulation:

My mother passed away a few years ago and this girl i had only been dating for maybe 3 months manipulated me by using my mom as a weapon against me. She would say things like “Do you think your mother would be proud of what you are doing now?” or “Is this what your mother would want of you?” She would do this whenever i would effectively mess up in her eyes. It tore me down pretty hard.


23. It was probably you.

Fucked a girl I worked with twice then never said a single word to her or responded to a text ever again. She quit pretty soon after that. Hope it wasn’t me.

Some girl that I was really into did the same thing to me a bit after that. What goes around comes around, I guess.


24. WARNING THIS IS NOT SAFE FOR LIFE. I am not kidding.

My girlfriend knew I was a heavy sleeper. I sleep through a lot of stuff sober, but when I’m drunk I simply don’t wake up unless something really out of the norm happens. I slept through our bed collapsing in an earthquake while sober. I was fairly drunk the night after I broke up with her. (It wasn’t too brutal, just was at her house, told it to her, we both cried, then I left) I woke up at about 2 am to find her on my bed. There had been a toothpick shoved down my dickhole and she had broken it so it splintered.

I have never experienced pain as I did that day.

TL;DR My ex is now in a psych ward.


25. Oh wait this is worse (I’M JOKING)

She changed the password on her Netflix so I couldn’t use it for free anymore. Like, what kind of person does that?