25 Truly Horrendous Breakup, Sex, And Cheating Stories

8. This seems to happen too often.

Broke up with her completely out of the blue after two years. I never talked to her about how incompatible I felt in the relationship because she would tell her parents all of our problems and I didn’t want that pressure. It devastated her, as she had been talking to her friends about marriage or moving in with me. But we couldn’t have been on a more different page, and I did it all at once with no warning or signs. We were 23.

— /u/Mononoke-hime

9. Wow this person is actually the worst.

Found out my grandma had passed away(my only living relative), I took a personal day at work and rushed home to arrange the needed paperwork. I open the door to my place(then gf lived with me)already streaming with tears only to catch her having sex with my best and only friend I’ve known since middle school.


10. Or this one?

The worst thing I did was convince the nicest girl I’ve met to cheat on her long term boyfriend with whom she lived, with me, for several months, with no intention of actually breaking them up and dating her.


11. Wait, no, definitely this one.

Dumped me the day my Mom died. When I found out I started crying. My girlfriend at the time asked me why I was crying. I told her. She called me a crybaby and told me she couldn’t be with a pussy like me. Then made fun of me to my friends for the next few months.

— /u/stimbus

12. ???

I met him in the desert, I redeployed 4 months before he did. I waited those 4 months, after being celibate for my 6 month deployment. I spent $300 on a dress to surprise him when he got home, and ~$600 on the airfare, and then approx $2,000 for expensive meals and a hotel the weekend after he got back. After my trip was done and I got back to my base in TX he told me that he had fun, but that he “wanted to play the field.” And that all the times he told me he loved me (multiple times a day for 4 months) I should have been “smart enough to know he just wanted a guaranteed fuck when he got home.” I don’t date anymore. I haven’t even developed feelings since then. Pretty sure I’m broken.


13. Lesson learned.

Cleaned out my bank account, took half my shirts, my stereo, all my music, all the dishes, the food from the fridge, and my bed, to run off with her new boyfriend that I didn’t know about. All in the span of about 3 hours. Did not leave a dear john note, had a friend stop by to break up with me for her, that night.

I learned to not ever, ever have a joint checking account with a girlfriend, for any reason.


14. WHAT?!

When me and my big ex were living together, I had my wisdom teeth taken out. He replaced my Vicodin with Ibuprofen, then ditched me to go to Ecstasy with a obnoxious fat drug dealer. I was miserable for weeks.


15. He “handed” her off like a sack of potatoes.

Got handed off to some other guy at a party because the guy I was dating at the time was not that interested in me. I didn’t know anything about the swap until later on when the friend had me pinned up against a wall, and when I protested about how I was in love with X, he said, “Oh, that’s okay- this was X’s idea”. 🙁

— /u/MsRaoulDuke

16. Can’t argue this logic.

Broke up with a girl the day before Valentines Day, because it was the right move. Still, I felt like shit for doing it, but it was better than waiting until after.


17. Rude!!!

I dumped a woman on Christmas eve.


18. Wow I hope karma destroys your life.

She sent me nudes. Then I unmatched with her. (Reading other comments makes me feel like what I did isn’t so bad) sure I’ve done shittier, but damn some of these comments.