According to Science, Women Last Longer Than Men In Bed

When it comes to working out, having sex, or partaking in any physical activity – it’s all about stamina. Sure, strength has a lot to do with your physical abilities, but how long you can last doing things is vital to getting them done.

While men are often stronger (physically) than women, a new study published in Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism may have just shown that women may have better muscle endurance – meaning, they have a higher stamina than most men. Now, if you apply this to physical activities, such as sex, they’re basically saying women may last longer in the sack than men. Woo!

The only issue with the study is that is was a pretty small variable group – they tested eight men and nine women. They all had similar body types/muscle and fitness levels and solely performed a foot flexing exercise, which, we do every day in walking or running. While men were able to perform the tasks faster – women were able to last longer doing them.

What the scientists concluded was that men hit the ground running faster and more powerfully than women, who took their time with the tasks. In the longer run, men tired out faster than women because they went all-out in the beginning.

Sounds all too familiar, amiright?

Let’s face it ladies – you know how annoying it can be when your man starts to go at lightening speed and gets a leg cramp halfway through and has to stop right before you’re about to hit your mark.

Turns out, taking it slow may be beneficial to everyone.