21 Dudes Share The One Thing They Wish Girls Would Do In Bed

Most of the time, we think of guys as simple sex machines who can just get up, get going, and leave satisfied no matter what. But that’s not really the case. Guys are, I know this is gonna sound crazy but, people! Just like us! They have likes, and dislikes and particular tastes.

And since there are endless articles from here to the Moon about what girls wish guys would do in the bedroom, why not take a second to ask the dudes the same question? That’s what AskReddit did over on this thread, and the answers might give you some ideas.

Warning: Very NSFW.

1. From user EMPiiRE_:

Initiate sex.

2. From user PM_ME_NUDES_KINDLY:

Communicate more.
This is supposed to be a nice thing for both of us, so tell me what you want.

3. From user TeddySD:

Not radiate heat levels that match the sun when i’m trying to sleep

4. From user Pitmosh:

Give compliments if I did good. You have no idea how much it helps on the self-esteem.

5. From user Watermasta:

Give me foreplay as well.
Some women don’t understand erections need to be fed. They don’t just get up and stay up for the entire session.
Touch me in non-sexual areas. Make me anticipate your next touch. Make me want it.