This Guy Feeding His GF Chicken Nuggets While She Gets A Manicure Is Everyone’s New Goals

When we see couples online doing really cute things, we can’t help but wish we had someone who loved us that much. No matter if we’re single, taken, married, engaged, divorced – once someone is getting that “royal relationship treatment,” we’re all looking for ways to make our relationship – or lack-of relationship – as romantic and adorable as theirs. And, we refer to them as “goals,” obviously. Now, with the emergence of smart phones and social media, we’re able to see “goals couples” every damn where online. But, I think this couple takes the prize for cutest thing I’ve ever seen – and also, need.

One Twitter user was getting her nails done at the nail salon when she saw a guy sitting next to his girlfriend – feeding her chicken nuggets as she got a manicure. I’m serious – there’s even photo evidence.

You see – this is the kind of support I’ve been looking for in my life. If I were on Tinder, my Tinder bio would be “looking for a guy to stand by me – feeding me chicken nuggets while I get my nails done.” That’s some serious love right there. Why does no one love me this much? Hard to say.

Of course, Twitter was obsessed with this couple because, seriously, what is more romantic than this?

And, the girl who is featured in the photo even saw the tweet online and thanked the girl for capturing and sharing the moment.