This Couple Got Married At Taco Bell, Can You Say Wedding Goals?

While we are all sitting on our phones/tablets/computers day-dreaming about our perfect weddings – one couple just upped the #goals for us all – by getting married at Taco Bell.

Yes, your favorite fast-food Mexican joint is now allowing us to tie the knot and do it deliciously.

Taco Bell opened a new, glorious location in Las Vegas, Nevada and held a “Taco Bell’s Love and Tacos” contest to allow one lucky couple to have an all-expenses paid trip out to the strip and get married in the most spicy way – at their new, signature shop.

Dan Ryckert and Bianca Monda won the contest after people from all over the world voted for them to be the lucky lovebirds to have a chalupa-filled wedding day. And, while you may think that getting married at Taco Bell is tacky – bite your tongue. Can you imagine a more unique and perfect day?

The photos, also, are f*cking stunning.

Can you say #WeddingGoals? Start pinning these to your “dream wedding” Pinterest board ASAP.

Also, I need a taco station at my wedding.