Bridezilla Asks Florist To Work For ‘Exposure’ Because She Spent $10,000 On Her Wedding So Far

With wedding season upon us, more brides are losing their minds over planning, prepping, and making sure everything goes smoothly. As we all know, some women turn into total bridezillas as their wedding approaches. One Imgur user posted a series of screenshots proving that brides really are pieces of sh*t sometimes.

The bride sent over the florist a photo of a gorgeous arrangement of flowers on a wedding table—probably taken off of Pinterest. She asked “Mimi,” the florist if they can create something like that for her own wedding. Mimi responded saying it would cost around $18 per foot.

The bride was clearly unhappy with this price and responded with “why so much?” She added that she has 18 tables that are 10 feet long—and the price would come out to be “too much.” Doing the math, it would come out to a total of $3,240 for the flowers.

Mimi let the bride know that she makes all of her floral arrangements by hand and that if the bride wanted, they can choose less expensive flowers. But, the cost of labor would be pretty high because it would take 80+ hours to create the photo the bride had sent over.

The bride, however, responded saying that she was hoping the florist would purchase the flowers at “her wholesale cost” and then just “make them.” The florist was taken back that the bride wanted her to “work for free,” in terms of labor.

Instead of understanding that people need to get paid for jobs they do, she said she’s “already spending $10,000 on her wedding,” and flowers is the “last thing she needs.” Instead of payment, the bride said she would be paying the florist in “exposure” through her pictures.

Instead of telling her off—like I honestly would have done—the florist offered to email her a quote and recommend a few other placesin L.A. (of course she lives in L.A.). The bride was still being a total dick bag and said: “that’s not what I asked.” Seriously, who does this woman think she is?

The florist, despite being disrespected, acted both professionally and respectfully the entire time. Goes to show you that some people are just batshit crazy.

h/t: BoredPanda