Groom Throws Shade At Airline Company For Losing His Wedding Tuxedo

Planning a wedding can be super stressful in itself – especially when the couple decides to have a destination wedding. Not only do you have to deal with the basic “wedding planning” stress, but you also have to add on the stress of traveling and getting everyone you know and love to splurge on a trip overseas. One couple decided to get married in Iceland, and, while everything seemed to be going smoothly – their airline f*cked up big time.

Delta Airlines ended up losing the groom’s luggage, which, contained his wedding tuxedo. Can you even imagine? That sums up the most unlucky traveling experience one can endure on the way to their own wedding. The bride’s friend took to Reddit to share the story and warn other destination couples to “not fly Delta.”

Instead of crying over lost tuxes, the groom decided to be clever AF and troll the airline in the best way possible – rocking a white t-shirt that read “This wedding suit courtesy of Delta Airlines.” Epic.

Delta issued a statement to Cosmo about the incident saying –

“Unfortunately, we were not able to provide the customers with their items in time for their special day. We have reached out to them, offered an apology, and reached an amicable resolution.”

Well – at least he was comfortable at his own wedding!