This Girl Asked Her Boyfriend’s Opinion On A Prom Dress And His Response Ended Their Relationship

Every woman knows asking your boyfriend’s opinion on an outfit can be a slippery slope. Some guys are too honest when it comes to certain things, others just don’t give a crap about what you wear.

My boyfriend is just annoyed that I made him pause “Law & Order” to look up at my outfit he’s probably seen already in the past. No matter what kind of guy you’re with, there’s no harm in honesty–as long as it’s not disrespectful. One girl is completely shutting down her man (now ex-man), after he was horribly disrespectful to her when asking for his opinion.

Twitter user Madison Witham tweeted the text receipts proving that her ex-boyfriend was a pretty huge d*ck. Witham sent her boyfriend the dress she tried on for prom.


Instead of being respectful and saying it’s “not his favorite” or maybe she could try a different one, he straight up called her a slut and told her it’s too much skin. There’s a respectful way to speak to people, especially your girlfriend, and this is just not it.

So, Witham dumped him on the spot.


And, good for her. There’s no reason to let a guy you’re with treat you like his property, tell you what to wear, and make you feel bad about yourself.

Twitter was applauding her.

Some guys even tried to shoot their shot.