People Share That One Movie Ending That Made Them Say ‘WTF?!?’

There are those films that are simply just eye-dazzling and in all honesty, great stories with amazing endings but then there are those that have you sitting there questioning why on earth you thought it was a good idea to waste two hours on just to come to the realization that the ending was definitely not what you were expecting or even worse the most terrible movie ending to exist. Feelings start to creep up, you wish you hadn’t spend your money’s worth on it, you want to sue the film company, shout at the director, etc. But if you hadn’t experienced what it truly was to watch a terrible movie then how will you ever learn to distinguish great ones and not so great ones? I guess that’s the beauty of movie watching and some Redditers flat out told their own sad movie experiences and what they believe as the absolute worst endings ever.


Donnie Darko. Basically said what the fuck throughout the entire movie, though.



Don’t get me started on fucking Splice.


My favourite movie The Departed,

In the last fifteen minutes pretty much everyone dies. When the elevator opens on Leo, that was the point I shouted “WHAT THE FUCK!?” The first time watching it.