15 People Reveal The Dumbest Thing They Ever Got Busted For In School

With the exception of home-schoolers, we all have school in common. Not only is it where we learn stuff—reading, writing, math, how babies are made—but it’s also where we learn how to be functioning members of society. Be it public school or private school, every hallowed hall of learning is a miniature society, albeit a barely functioning one, just barely towing the line between order and absolute chaos.

It’s a constant battle between teachers and administrators and students. They try to keep the peace and a calm learning environment, a never-ending battle against fidgety and unruly kids who just need to be themselves and blow off some steam once in a while. That means there are tons of rules at school, some good, some bad, and some completely arbitrary. Some people recently started an AskReddit thread to share the most mind-bogglingly stupid things they ever got busted for back in their school days.

1. Ferelar:

I made “finger guns” and said “ayyyyy”. I did this to a friend at the bus port, not during class or anything. I was pulled aside and told to stop making gang signs and pro-gun signals; I was threatened with suspension and ended up getting a detention.

2. Moots_point:

Bending a paperclip and laying it on my desk. Then the substitute teacher (she was probably about 70 at the time) came over and told me this is a weapon. I was 8 years old.

3. Canadianabcs:

Breaking my ankle.

3rd grade, i was playing football and got pushed down. Ankle hit a rock and i was sent to the office. I was yelled at for playing and they refused to call my mom or give me ice despite the size and color of my foot.

This happened during first recess (10am-ish). My mom didnt get off work til 6pm.

I was in a cast for 14 weeks and i still have pain in that ankle almost 20 years later.