15 People Reveal The Dumbest Thing They Ever Got Busted For In School

4. waternymph77:

I once showed a teacher that you could remove pen graffiti from the tables by drawing over in pencil and using an eraser to rub both off. She said she better not catch me doing that. Umm ok.

5. iftheycatchus:

When I was a kid in charter school we used to have to walk in line with our hands behind our backs, and I ran out of line to hug my mom who surprised me at school that day. I got detention. Fuck you, Ms Baxter.

6. Andope:

I got suspended from school for “breaking” an already broken desk. All I did was put the broken desk leg inside the desk so no one would get hurt. My mom thought it was so stupid, she ended up renting me a few video games for my week of suspension. 10/10 would do it again.