15 People Reveal The Dumbest Thing They Ever Got Busted For In School

7. PicklePirate666:

When I was in the 6th grade my teacher got mad at me for “slouching”. He told us to get our textbooks out and I had to lean back in my chair so I could see where it is, and he was right behind me and said “see me at my desk”. He gave me a detention during the first week because one of his rules is that you can’t lean back in your chair

8. mophoyo:

In first grade, I finished a test and flipped my paper over indicating that I was done. Waiting for the others to finish, I drifted off into day dreaming.

I snapped out of it when my teacher yelled at me for “starring at another classmate’s paper and copying their answers” when my test was already flipped over and I was simply day dreaming.

Still salty about this and I’m 21.

9. Eregade:

I got referral for BEING pushed down a flight of stairs by a bully. He got a detention but no, I get punished more because I “must have provoked him”. Yes, because the school bully needs a reason… 🙁 (UK detention is 1 hour after school, referral means entire school day in a room, working in silence)