15 People Reveal The Dumbest Thing They Ever Got Busted For In School

10. TenLalor:

My high school didn’t allow ripped jeans at all. I was in my dance class (we weren’t dancing that day) when I was bending down to sit on the floor and my jeans ripped at my knee. I got sent to the administrator’s office for it.

11. this_immortal:

In 10th grade biology I wrote “darn heck” in some dust on a counter in the back of the room. I got detention for “vandalism and profanity.” I had to spend hours after school scraping gum off of the bottom of desks with a rusty razor blade. Fuck you, Mrs. Campos.

12. kmatts:

Having a bra strap showing. I was in drama practice and wanted to get water from the fountain, so I took off my silly costume top and left the auditorium. Yard Duty immediately saw me and proceeded to berate me (despite knowing me and the fact that I was a good kid who never got into trouble).

A strong runner up would be for answering a call from my uncle. It was lunch, the call was less than a minute, and he was wishing me a happy birthday. My phone was confiscated for the rest of the day because I was told talking on the phone instead of with my friends was “antisocial”. It’s the explanation that gets me the most.