28 Facts About 2000s Movies That’ll Make You Say ‘Wait…WHAT?’

The 2000s are long enough now that can we look back on them through a nostalgic lens (while also wondering where we went wrong). Theres so much fondly remembered pop culture from the era, particular movies. It was truly a golden age of films centered around young characters trying to figure out the world, especially young women. Here are some things you probably didnt know about some of the biggest and best female-fronted movies from the 00s.


Lindsay Lohans character in Freaky Friday was originally written as goth, but they changed it because Lohan didnt think it was a good idea.


Bend It Like Beckham was almost released in the U.S. as Move It Like Mia (as in Mia Hamm) because the studio wasnt sure Americans would know soccer star David Beckham, or what bend it meant.


Parminder Nagra played a character a decade younger than she was in real life.