People Are Sharing The Most Mid-2000s Thing They’ve Ever Done And It’s Way Too Relatable

Let’s face it–when we look back on our youth, we were all pretty much a bunch of losers trying to be cool. No matter what was “in,” we would try it at least twice, trying to fit in with everyone else–especially in the early to mid-2000s.
Looking back on that time now, we seriously did some pretty stupid stuff. The clothes we wore, the music we listened to, even the shows we watched were just a bunch of crap. At least we’ve grown out of it (I’d hope) and can look back and laugh at ourselves today. Regardless of how old you were in the era of the millennium, you know you were guilty of being a total dweeb.

BuzzFeed’s Dave Stopera asked Twitter to share the most mid-2000s thing they’ve ever done–admitting that he used an iTunes code from a Mountain Dew Code Red cap to download a Bloodhound Gang song. Props to Dave, because Moutain Dew Code Red was the best one-track way to diabetes ever created.

Some of the answers–well, most of the answers, should make you say “wait, I did that, too.”