22 Nostalgic Pictures That Remind Us All That The Internet Used To The Best Place On Earth

While we all may live on the Internet now 24/7, thanks to our cell phones and social media, there was a time we had just learned what the Internet even was. The good old days of dial-up service and hardly any websites, it was a time that was much simpler–and much happier.
No bad news, no Donald Trump Twitter rants, and of course, no #fakenews. It was a time where we could get lost on fishy websites and create things of our wildest dreams (without being judged). If you grew up in the 2000s and had a bulky computer that your entire family used, you’ll feel a bittersweet taste of nostalgia from these.

22. Logging onto your computer and having your own account (and trying to make it password protected, but your parents said no).


21. Having to listen to the annoying sounds of your AOL dial-up tone trying to log on–multiple times.

20. Having specific sections of your Buddy List dedicated to people–from family to co-workers.


19. Making your away messages not really “away messages” and having people “hit the cell” or “make it ring” on your flip phone.


18. And, using Comic Sans MS for everything–color coordinated of course.


17. We always chatted with SmartChild, the original Siri.

16. And, using the ORIGINAL emojis.

15. Spending your free time making a dollz version of yourself and all of your friends. They somehow turned out to always be missing an arm.

Dollz Mania

14. When your Internet didn’t connect, you had no choice but to play the very basic games the computer had.

13. But, you never figured out how to play Minesweeper (and still can’t).