Millennials Watching ‘Friends’ For The First Time Are Outraged By Its ‘Sexist’ And ‘Homophobic’ Storylines

Earlier in January, “Friends” came out in the U.K. on Netflix and many who haven’t seen the American sitcom began binge-watching it on their streaming services, as it’s one of the most “memeable” and talked about shows of the’90s. But, after seeing the TV show for what it is, and seeing it with naked eyes, people were actually offended by some of the jokes made in the show.

Even those who were fans of “Friends” in the ’90s aren’t that into it in 2018.

While I understand people’s opinions and realize that, just like how I felt watching “The Honeymooners,” Millennials may not understand that there was a time in society in which this was accepted and understood–people need to recognize that some TV shows just are a product of their time. The ’90s was a time in TV and entertainment where the LGBTQ storylines were coming to light, it was a new area of exploration in characters on TV. Am I saying it’s okay that “Friends” was homophobic or sexist? No, absolutely not. But, does it make me completely hate the show, the jokes, the characters and the storyline? No. I’m open-minded enough to know that looking back, the fact that we can recognize the homophobia or the inappropriate plots/storylines shows that we’re progressing in the right way as a society. If “Friends” were set in 2018, none of those jokes/situations would be accepted–and, people should be glad media has transformed with society and the times.