This Friends Theory Could Explain Why Ross Was So F*cking Weird Towards The End of The Show

Ross Geller was always a bit off in the series “Friends.” Sure, it was always comical and funny – but in real life, if we had a friend who acted the way Ross did for the majority of the show, we’d be concerned and most likely be distancing ourselves from him. OR – we’d be telling him to snap the f*ck out of his bad habits. Let’s look back:

Ross had a long, sad history of failed relationships. He always had a problem with complaining and feeling bad for himself. He did a lot of embarrassing things – like show up to Monica’s pantless covered in lotion when his leather pants wouldn’t fit (how did he get through NYC pantsless btw?) He dated one of his students, he knocked up his ex-girlfriend and refused to let her date anyone else – basically, Ross was the worst in a lot of ways.

But, we’ve always accepted this as just Ross being Ross – never wondering just why he was such a screw-up and why he was so weird.

Now, a new theory is circulating online about just why Ross was so off throughout the later-seasons of the show. One blogger, D.F. Lovett, asked a vital question that some of us had never thought about before – what happened to Ross’ son Ben?