This Viral Theory Proves Rachel Should Have Ended Up With Joey on ‘Friends’ & Not Ross

Friends is one of those TV shows that will never, ever get old. No matter how many times we’ve seen the episodes, when they come on TV, we immediately are immersed back into Central Perk and all of the six cast mate’s lives. And – when you have nothing else to binge on Netflix – you can always count on your Friends.

While we all know Monica marries Chandler and Ross and Rachel have a baby together – have you ever thought about what would happen if they all ended up with different people in the end? One Twitter user has cone viral with her theory that Rachel should have never ended up with Ross – and instead, should have been with Joey.

At first I was like – nah. But, after reading this girl’s thread of – dude, 100 f*cking tweets – I am convinced.