Someone Rewatched ‘Friends’ To Count How Much Coffee Each Character Drank

Some people have a lot of time on their hands – like, a lot a lot. I wish I can have some free time during my day – you know, to breathe and all – but, some of us are not as lucky.

One Twitter user @kitlovelace shared that one time, he had so much free time on his hands, that he watched all 236 episodes of Friends just to count how much coffee each character on the show drank.


I guess it makes sense, seeing as the majority of the show takes place in a coffee shop. But, who has that kind of time on their hands?

Anyway – here are the results:

Phoebe apparently drank the most coffee, coming it at 227 cups. Next up was Chandler, who came in at 212 cups. Then Monica, with 198 cups. Then Joey, with 191 cups. Then Ross, with 188 cups. And, last but not least, Rachel, with only 138 cups.

“Kit” also went on to analyze the information even further to see how their coffee drinking habits changed overtime from season to season.

He even analyzed how much each character spent on coffee throughout the series.

Incase, you know, you were ever wondering.