Girl’s Best Friends Crashed Her First Date In Disguise And She Couldn’t Keep A Straight Face

Whenever you go on a first date with someone you meet online, things could go one of two ways–the person is who they say they are, or the person is a complete and total nutbar.
For this reason, our friends and family can be very overprotective and nervous when we go on a first date with a complete stranger. Some of our friends tell us to “text them a code word” just in case things go south. But, other friends make sure we’re 100% safe by doing some super extra things–like, crashing our first date in disguise to make sure we don’t get murdered.

One Twitter user shared the hilarious and incredible story of how her two best friends showed up at the restaurant she was going on a first date in complete disguise to make sure she was okay.


After she spotted them, she could not keep a straight face. I mean–those wigs are pretty wild.

And, if this seems rather crazy for them to do, apparently it’s not the only time these friends were completely there for Meg. She said these are the same friends that hid in a bush while she had her first kiss when she was 13-years-old.

And, who made a cheesy, low-budget music video with her after her first boyfriend broke her heart. Seriously, this is the most “teenage angst” thing I’ve ever seen.

People on Twitter were impressed by how amazing this girl’s friends truly are–because, that takes a lot of time and effort.

Apparently, other people have done the same for their friends.

Would you do this for your friends?