People Are Mailing Memes To Their Friends At Boot Camp, Can You Say BFF Goals?

It’s no secret that staying on top of memes and meme culture is key in understanding the Internet today. Whenever a new meme goes viral, you can be sure that there will be thousands of jokes and recreations both online and off. Seriously – people used to season their steaks saying BAM! like Emeril Lagasse, and now, we season our meats like Salt Bae.

But – what are you to do when you’re away at boot camp or in the military and have no access to the Internet, with no ability to keep up with the latest and funniest memes? Get by with a little help from your friends, of course.

People online are sharing the incredible and thoughtful ways that they’ve been able to keep their friends “in the loop” while away and deployed – and, it’s got best friend goals written all over it.

Think of all the time, effort and printer ink went into that.

Pages on pages on pages.

Oh no baby, what is you doing?

Color coordinated and everything.