25 Things In Society That Are Romanticized For The Wrong Reasons

22. GKinslayer

Cheating/extreme winter/summer romances

Rom-Coms are so shit for making cheating seem neat all the time, the one partner is boring, or mean, or etc. So our poor protagonist seeks fullment in the arms of another and it’s all songs and flowers. It’s never the person cheating being a terrible person or the person they are cheating with turns out to be a really terrible person.

The whole younger woman / older man is always made to seems so innocent in media, but in reality it’s kind of gross when the 85 yr old buys the 21 yr old toy.

23. KyleTheBoss95

Being “awkward”. I was awkward and socially off in highschool, and high school me would have done almost anything to not be so out-there.

24. Draezeth

Marriage. Not the fact of getting married itself, but rather, rushing it. Everywhere I look people are either marrying right out of college or lamenting the fact they aren’t. Stop it.

25. hamletandskull

Not taking care of yourself.

“I stayed up all night working on this project” doesn’t mean you’re some Einstein scribbling equations on your walls. “Pushing through the pain” doesn’t mean panting while sweat rolls off your perfectly toned muscles, it means falling over halfway through a workout because you tore something important and didn’t pay attention to your body going ‘hey, fucking STOP IT’.