25 Things In Society That Are Romanticized For The Wrong Reasons

10. gingerisla

These “kids suffering from cancer” shows. No, kids suffering from serious diseases doesn’t make them “strong” or “fighters” or “inspirational”. They’re not waiting to be the plot of your dumb soap opera or empowering music video. They’re just normal kids. They play, they’re scared, they’re angry, they love their parents and sometimes they hate them. And portraying them as stronger or braver than adults might just be a parent’s wishful thinking. They are just more likely to bottle up their fears and being constantly told how strong they are might just make them keep their fears for themselves. It’s okay to be weak sometimes.

11. Laughviathan

I’ll take the ironic one and say relationships in general. We expect way, WAY too much out of relationships, thanks in no small part to our media.

No one should expect a relationship to magically fulfill them, make them permanently happy, fix all of their issues, or force them to learn how to love themselves. People that expect this can have major relationship issues later down the road when they find out that no person is able to fill these holes in their own life.

Relationships can be great and having an S/O is a good thing, but if you can’t be enough without one, you’ll never be enough with one.

12. breadyisbaked

Happily ever afters. I say this because it’s not what you get out of a relationship, it’s what you both put into it. And shit happens constantly and as a couple you work through the shit together. If everything went good and happy forever, then that’s just unrealistic.